Julia Nagle ACR

Julia Nagle is an experienced conservator who has worked at Tate, English Heritage and UCL. She also spent ten years at the Hamilton Kerr Institute of Cambridge University.  In 2009 she opened her own studio which is one of the few in London recognised for its specialist expertise in the area of modern and contemporary painting conservation.  Julia maintains close links with Tate and continues to work freelance there whenever time allows.  She is an ICON accredited conservator and a PACR (Professional Accreditation of Conservation Professionals) assessor.

Since opening the studio, Julia has built a team of dedicated and skilled conservators with active interests in modern and contemporary art.  She also takes on freelance help from qualified conservators.

Julia is keenly interested in the problem solving aspect of conserving modern and contemporary paintings, which often involve unusual or mixed materials.  She is highly sensitive to the need to preserve artistic authenticity and works within the conservation philosophy of minimal intervention.  Julia appeared on Al Jazeera and BBC following the defacement of Mark Rothko's Untitled, Black on Maroon.  She was asked how Tate conservators might go about conserving the painting.  The interview can be found here.  Learn more about the Tate's Rothko conservation project here.

Gabriella Macaro  

Gabriella has a postgraduate degree in Paintings Conservation from the Courtauld Institute of Art. She has worked with private conservators in the UK and Italy and has gained experience in major collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, English Heritage and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Alongside her work at Julia Nagle Conservation Gabriella carries out the technical analysis of paintings in the scientific department of the National Gallery, London where a major project has been a technical study of the collection's nineteenth-century French paintings.  Her work at the National Gallery contributes to her understanding of the material constituents of paintings. 

Amongst other research projects, Gabriella carried out a major technical study of Cézanne's Card Players paintings which led to a co-written publication in the catalogue for the Courtauld Gallery Card Players Exhibition in 2010-11.

Natalie Lazarus

Natalie Lazarus is the Studio Manager at Julia Nagle Conservation Ltd.

She has extensive experience managing the fabrication of artworks, and has worked closely with international museums, galleries and artists, including White Cube in London.

Her technical background and knowledge enables her to oversee various practical tasks within the studio including the production of backboards, photography and documentation of artworks.

In addition, she is an associate lecturer in the short courses department at Central St Martins School of Art & Design, London.

Natalie is currently planning an artists’ conservation interview programme, an ongoing project due to commence mid 2017.

Nao Ikeda

Nao Ikeda studied and trained as a canvas and panel paintings conservator in Italy at the Università Internazionale dell’Arte in Florence followed by an internship at Opificio Delle Pietre Dure. Having lived and worked in Italy she is now based in London. She is also a conservator of frames and sculptures.

Nao participated in a group project for the restoration of the “Rosano Cross” which was published as a book “La Croce Dipinta dell’abbazia di Rosano - Visibile e invisibile. Studio e restauro per la comprensione”. Edited by M. Ciatti, C. Frosinini, R. Bellucci, published by Edifir in 2007. 

Anna Cooper 

Anna Cooper studied conservation at the Courtauld Institute of Art followed by two years at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge. She has gained professional experience at numerous public and private institutions across the UK. 

Anna worked collaboratively with Tate and RCE (Netherlands) to investigate water sensitive oil paints in the twentieth century, culminating in a presentation at the international symposium ‘Issues in Contemporary Oil Paint’ and an associated publication which can be seen here.  She also has a keen interest in the safe handling and transportation of artworks, which led her to publish an article on rolling a large, contemporary mixed media painting for exhibition shown here.

Victoria Sutcliffe

Victoria Sutcliffe has a background in fine art and continues to practise as an artist alongside her work in conservation. She graduated with a distinction from the Hamilton Kerr Institute, University of Cambridge, in 2011.

Vicky’s commitment to playing an active role in the conservation world is shown by her continuing to present and publish papers on artists' techniques. 

Alison Stock ACR 

An accredited member of ICON, Alison Stock has extensive experience of working in museums, including Guildhall Gallery and Southampton City Art Gallery. 

Alison also teaches on the Courtauld and City & Guilds conservation courses. A keen advocate for public engagement with conservation,  she has participated in a number of conservation exhibitions.  

Alison has worked on several challenging historic projects including the removal of overpaint from the 14th century Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey and 16th century panel paintings at Chichester Cathedral.

Jennifer Tran 

Jennifer Tran is the Studio Administrator at Julia Nagle Conservation. She has a postgraduate degree in Preventive Conservation from Northumbria University and also works part-time as a Conservation Assistant for two different National Trust properties in London – Red House and 2 Willow Road.

She has placed preventive measures in place at the studio such as using the Hanwell data logging system to monitor the environment. As well as this, she makes sure that Health & Safety measures are in place and up to date.